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Captivated by the power of storytelling from a young age, I strive to use my diverse set of media skills to blend creativity and communication to bring compelling stories to life.

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The bittersweet end of a bittersweet era

My parents weren’t lying when they said time really flies. In roughly three weeks, I will be walking across the Zellerbach stage wearing my white graduation dress, heels I can barely walk in and a “Class of 2024” stole. It seems like just yesterday that I had stepped foot on campus, admiring it in awe. It also seems like just yesterday that I had written my first blog for the Daily Californian, one about imposter syndrome. Oh, how the time really does fly.

I have spent the last two years of lif

A Beacon of Strength: Ashley Judd’s Fight for Suicide Prevention

Actor, humanitarian, and author Ashley Judd became an outspoken advocate for suicide prevention after her beloved mother, Naomi Judd, died by suicide in 2022. Ashley remembers her mother as someone “who put salt and pepper shakers beside each place setting for our family suppers and relished talking about subjects as diverse as paleoanthropology and neuroscience.”

Instead of the full and beautiful life she led, some media coverage focused on invasive and graphic details of Naomi’s death and the

Bringing the Beijing Opera to Life with Rikke Hansen + Revitalizing the Spirit of Music

One Poster 2024 entry, designed by Danish illustrator Rikke Hansen, is a tribute to the "Beijing Opera" (above, left), showcasing Hansen's mastery of color, images, and texture. Submitted for the International Beijing Opera Art Poster Biennale 2022, this poster takes you on a journey to an opera house, where you can feel the energy and excitement of the performance. Whether you are a fan of the Beijing Opera or simply appreciate exceptional design, here’s a look at the project.